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Pasadena Bay Area Junior Forum (PBAJF) is one of nine chapters in the state wide Junior Forum Inc. organization. PBAJF is a women's non-profit organization that provides charitable service to children, youth, senior adults, and people with disabilities. PBAJF has been around for over 50 years and is committed to benefiting and promoting the educational, social, and recreation activities of those served.

Our chapter has given thousands of hours to community service in the Pasadena Bay Area and provided much needed funding for special causes. Junior Forums, Inc has nine chapters in the state of Texas: Austin, Cypress-Woodlands, Georgetown, Houston, Nacogdoches, Pasadena-Bay Area, and San Antonio


Our members share a common desire to serve which makes us strong and our friendships even stronger. For information on how you can become a member in our organization, go to Become a Member ...we look forward to meeting you!

Mission Statement:

Pasadena Bay Area Junior Forum is a non-profit women’s volunteer organization committed to providing charitable service to children, youth, senior adults and people with disabilities. Our sole purpose is for the benefit and promotion of the educational, social and recreational activities of those served.

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