History of Pasadena Bay Area  Junior Forum

The Pasadena Bay Area Junior Forum began as Pasadena Junior Forum which was organized in March of 1961 with an informal meeting in the home of one of the members of Houston Junior Forum.  In May of 1961, an organizational meeting was held and the fourteen ladies present became the Charter Members of Pasadena Junior Forum.  Application for membership to Junior Forums, Inc. was completed and Pasadena Junior Forum received their Charter of Membership.

Pasadena Junior Forum was incorporated as Pasadena Junior Forum, Inc. on March 10 1965 under the laws of the State of Texas as a charitable and educational organization.       As the chapter evolved, membership expanded to include the contiguous bay area in our membership and activities.  In Spring of 1992, the chapter name was changed to Pasadena Bay Area Junior Forum.

Service projects for the first year were the Latin American Language for Learning School and special education classes for mentally challenged children.  Since that first year, many service hours have been spent on various projects, predominantly dealing with mentally and physically handicapped children and adults.  Over 41,000 hours of service work have been given to our community since 1961.

In 1978, the members of Pasadena Bay Area Junior Forum built a 17,000 square foot building located on Wichita Street in Pasadena.  The Center for the Retarded leased the building for a nominal amount until The Center closed in 2004.  In March 2005, Pasadena Bay Area Junior Forum entered into a five year lease with Sarah’s House, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing shelter to area homeless women and children.

Pasadena Bay Area Junior Forum

P.O. Box 5068
Pasadena, Texas 77508

Email: pbajf501c3@gmail.com